Coronavirus Update

App State is sharing information and updates here. As of 3/23, online classes are continuing as scheduled, and off-campus, classroom-based classes are moving online or to a system of alternative course delivery. Click here for more information on App State Online operations.


Can't come to campus? Campus will come to you. App State Online allows you to connect to campus whenever you want from wherever you are. Get a high-quality education that adapts to — and enriches — your lifestyle.

With flexible, interactive undergraduate and graduate programs that are regionally accredited and taught by the same faculty who teach on campus, you can create your own success and transform your life.

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Recognized as one of the top online education destinations in the country, App State Online is designed to meet you wherever you are. Whether you need a degree, credential or looking to sharpen personal or professional skills, you’ll find a program that’s just right. Gain the skills to change careers, advance in your chosen profession or gain personal insight.

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Online classes offer both synchronous and asynchronous options, using the latest in innovative technology to provide highly interactive, engaging and academically rigorous coursework.


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The classroom-based option allows students and professors meet in a location away from the Appalachian campus. Our three main centers for classes are:

  • Appalachian Center at Hickory
  • Appalachian Center at Caldwell
  • Appalachian Center at Burke